Introduction: Clear Pie! Best Ever Recipe

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This is the best clear pie recipe, a delicious crust and a perfect layer of transparent lemon pie, a good cream of cheese and a fresh slice of lemon in addition to a nice plating, let's start

Step 1: Let's Make a Perfect Crust

We're going to need, 20 lemon cookies with filling, 60 grams of melted butter,
First grind the biscuits in a food processor or blender so that they are fine, when they are ready add the melted butter, mix until incorporated and pass to the mold by pressing the cookie dough well, bring to the refrigerator until firm, at least half an hour

Step 2: Make Your Clear Layer

Now let's make transparent lemon jelly, you can use any flavor you like, but lemon tastes great,
You will need 1 liter of water, 1 cup of superfine sugar, 28g of grenetine powder, half a teaspoon of vanilla essence and half a teaspoon of lemon essence,
First take One cup of the liter of water adds the grenetine to hydrate, meanwhile in the rest of the water mixes the sugar and essences, goes to a pot and heats the mixture until the sugar disappears, adds the hydrated gelatin and mixes until dissolved, Pass through a sieve and allow to cool to room temperature and put on your cookie base ang to fridge 2 hours or until hard to the touch

Step 3: Decoratig Cream

To make the cream you need 50 grams of cream cheese and 1 cup of icing sugar and a lemon squirt, solp
just cream the cheese, add the sugar and mix
Ta have a homogeneous cream, add the Lemon Squirt and ready put on the desired sleeve

Step 4: Unmold and Decorate

Now we unmold. Pass a spatula around and unmold, if you do not have mold demodible you can use any with plastic paper to facilitate the demolding
Cut the desired shape I cut rectangular and decorate with the cream cheese as shown in the picture, put a little cream in the center and put a. Mold with flat base, crush and remove, will make a vacuum and that will give a beautiful pattern, put your clear pie and decorate with more cream, lemon zest and a slice of fresh lemon and enjoy Look at it. How clear it is, with the base itself See a little yellow but. In the. Light is totally transparent and delicious

Step 5:

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