Climbing Easter Bunny Cut-Outs




Introduction: Climbing Easter Bunny Cut-Outs

Climbing Bunny Cut-Outs are great little potted plant, basket hangers, name tags, or anywhere you find to hang one of these little bunnies. 

Step 1: Materials List

  1. Sheet Metal, Sheet Copper, Aluminum Flashing, Recycled Cans, Heavy Weight Card Stock. Don't limit yourself to just these materials, really any sheet material that retains it's shape when bent would work just fine.
  2. Appropriate Cutting Tool/ Shear/ Tin Snip to cut out material selected above
  3. Pliers if needed
  4. Paint & Brushes or Paint Pens
  5. Marking pencil or sharpie to outline template
  6. Scissors to cut out template
  7. Template download & printed 


Click Image to Enlarge then Right Click and Save or Save As 

Step 3: Download Template

Download Template & scale to needed size (provided template is about 8.5" from ear to foot).

Hint: If making many bunnies I suggest creating a quick trace template out of cardboard or plastic.

Transfer template to material being used.

Step 4: Cut Out Bunny

Cut out bunny, being careful if using metal not to leave sharp edges, or file edges after bunny is cut out. If intended for  children I suggest using heavy paper or paper board for your base material.

Step 5: Make First Arm Bend

Make first 90 degree bend about 3/4" to 1" from end of each arm.

Step 6: Make Second Arm Bend

Make second arm bend about 1/4" to 1/2" from end of each arm. Creating an upside down "U" shape to hang bunny from end of each arm.

Step 7: Add Accents

Add accents to bunny if desired using paint, paint pens, markers or other appropriate decorating media.

Step 8: Hang & Enjoy

Find a basket, flower pot, wreath, or other good spot to hang your bunny & enjoy!

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7 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for this great Easter Bunny. Happy Easter to All.


8 years ago on Introduction

Oh, they are really cute, I have to show them to my mum, I'm sure she would love them.