Introduction: Clip-on Clip-off Shopping Cart Handle Cover

Have you ever wondered if stores are properly sanitizing your shopping cart handle? My name is Kora. I am in 4th grade and my invention is a clip-on clip-off flexible plastic shopping cart handle cover. When my mom and I go shopping together I notice some stores use paper towels, chemicals, and plastic bottles to clean the handle of your shopping cart. My invention is good for the environment because it will allow stores to use less cleaning supplies and paper towels. You can reuse it by simply removing it after you are done shopping then take it home and wash it with soap and water. I also notice people wear latex gloves to avoid touching the shopping cart handle, with my invention we can eliminate using latex gloves so it is better for the environment. My invention will keep you safe and will help the environment by producing less waste.


1. Flexible pool pipe 1 1/4" size from your local hardware store - need 13 inches length

2. Sharp shears or box cutter

Step 1: Cut the Pipe

Cut a 1/2 inch slit into your flexible pool pipe (I recommend using a pair of sharp shears and an adult to help)

Step 2: Clip-on and Clip-off

Once the slit is cut to the correct size you simply clip it onto the handle of any shopping cart.

I hope you find my invention helpful to keep you safe and healthy!

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