Cloche / Mini Hothouse With Drip Irrigation

Introduction: Cloche / Mini Hothouse With Drip Irrigation

A cloche made from a 30 Litre bulk wine barrel, which my local bar supplies. Optional drip irrigation bottle inserted into the top. Great for early planting of tomatoes and other frost sensitive plants.

Twist the barrel into the ground for stability in windy conditions, and/or use stakes around it.

Step 1: Remove Stand and Base

With your legs and feet holding the barrel, twist off the stand.

With a sharp, pointed knife, stab through the barrel near the base and continue to cut all the way around as straight as possible to remove the base.

Step 2: Remove Plug, Bag and Label

Using a punch (or large flathead screwdriver) and a hammer, punch out the plug at the top of the barrel until you can pull the bag out from underneath.

The barrel has two layers. Between them is the label. Pry the layers apart and rip out the label.

Fill the plug hole with the label folded into a suitable shape, in order to maintain moisture and heat inside.

Alternatively, fill the plug hole with a plastic bottle for drip irrigation: Punch a tiny hole in the bottle lid with a screw. Cut most of the base off the bottle, leaving a small piece intact to act as a hinge. Insert the bottle into the wine barrel and tape it in place. Fill the bottle and check the drip rate - the smaller the hole in the lid the better.

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