Introduction: Clock With Stand

You can build this clock for your bedroom or as a gift to friend. Using the very simple materials and techniques, you can DIY your own clock face and use it to decorate the space. The reason I also made a stand is because the clock machine I have doesn't allow me to hang it on the wall. So I came up with an alternative solution to display on the table or shelf.

Step 1: Preparation


- Laser Cutter

- Adobe Illustrator


- 3mm thick plywood

- Clock Movement Mechanism

Step 2: The Clock Face

Based on the size of your plywood, you can design the clock face. You can design whatever pattern you want or whatever numbers you would like to use. But the most important thing you need to contain is a hole in the middle of the design so you can assemble it with the clock machine.

How I design my clock face:

- measure the size of my plywood (31inch * 31inch) and the length of the needle

- draw a circle that fit into the size of plywood but also has a radius that longer than the needle

- draw a 0.45cm radius's hole in the middle (based on your clock machine)

- Searched online for clock template and choose the one I like, add it to the illustrator

- Searched for husky picture and put it on the clock face


Based on your laser cut machine, adjust the setting. Notice that the pattern needs to be engraved and the outline and the hole in the middle should be cut through.

Step 3: The Stand

Because the clock machine at back is pretty heavy and hard to balance, so I refer to the plate stand's structure to create this clock stand. I use the press fit here to connect two pieces. The thickness of the wood I use is 3mm. So if you are trying to use different woods, don't forget to change the press fit structure.