Introduction: Clock With TH Sensor and Dust Sensor Using Arduino

Hello! This topic is my reference from the Internet, I am doing some adaptation. This is a temperature and humidity clock plus a dust sensor that can be used in a studio or the like to detect the air quality around you.

I didn't do a good job in the design part. I hope everyone can create it by themselves.

This is the link that I reference from:

Clock With Thermometer Using Arduino, I2c 16x2 Lcd, DS1307 RTC and DHT11 Sensor:

The following is a link to the other reference

Program URL link:

Dust sensor URL link:

DS1307 RTC Clock module URL link:

For this project you need :

- Arduino Uno- 16x2 LCD with i2c module

- DS1307 RTC

- DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor

- GP2Y1014AU0F- dust sensor(air quality) sensor

- a breadboard

- some wires for connections.

Here is the youtube of my project operation:

Step 1: LCD I2C, RTC and DHT-11

The RTC and I2C LCD are connected to the A4 pin (SDA), while the A5 (SCL) and DHT-11 sensors are connected to the D2 pin. Some DHT1-1 have 4 pins, but only 3 are actually used. The first pin is Vcc, the second pin is data, and the fourth pin is ground. As I said, connect the sensor's data pin to D2 on the Arduino.

Step 2: The Dust Sensor

Dust sensor installation method
There should be a blue resistor attached to the purchase. The color horse is brown, black, blue (or black), green, brown. The colors are white, blue, green, yellow, and red from left to right, respectively, corresponding to the numbers 1~6. Please follow the above diagram in this order when connecting.

My 3rd is not connected, and the 5th is A0.

The source website of the dust sensor program has been cut a lot by me, causing some of the original functions to be displayed. If you are interested, you can go to the link just attached to study or study it yourself. The number of my sensor sometimes shows a bit strange, see if everyone has the same problem as me.

Welcome to ask questions or bugs and discuss with me or write down your suggestions. Let us work together to improve this project. I wish you all success.