Introduction: Schrodinger's Cat Make With Arduino

Schrödinger is a physicist and the leader of quantum mechanics. What I want to say here is the famous hypothesis, "Schrödinger's cat."

The experiment is as follows:

Put a cat in an opaque box, a container filled with toxic gas. The device has a half chance of opening the container containing the poisonous gas and killing the cat. According to quantum mechanics, when no observation is made, he is a superposition of two states, a dead and alive cat ...

The ingenuity of this experiment is to make the micro-world uncertainty of quantum mechanics into the macro-world uncertainty; micro-chaos becomes macro-ridiculous

This thing reproduces the experiment of "Schrodinger's Cat," and you can try to understand the concept of quantum mechanics. There are always things in our lives that are difficult to decide, and this allows you to quickly choose between two alternatives.

Here is the operation link.

Step 1: Things You Need to Prepare

Servo motors x 2

Arduino version (uno/leonardo) x 1

Photoresistor (light-sensitive resistor) x 1

10kΩ resistor x 1

Some wires

Step 2: Program

This has an easy program with plenty of annotations in the program link. If you can't understand that what annotation says, you may use a translator to translate it.

Here is the link !!!!

Step 3: Circuit Layout

Step 4: Exterior

My exterior is made of wood and cut by laser.

22cm x 15cm (x2)

22cm x 9.7cm (x2) one of it i cut a 5cm x 4cm vacancy in the middle.

15cm x 10cm (x2)

15cm x 1cm (x2)

1cm x 0.3cm (x2)

This exterior is not really a good exterior. If you can make a better exterior by yourself, I'm welcome everyone come and shares it with me.