Introduction: Clock-shaped Calendar

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This calendar provides a view of 11 years. I think time is better represented as circular, like a clock, rather than calendar block view. It is very satisfying to get the larger view of what is going on.

Be sure to make it large enough, as there are a lot of days to fit in!


  • Posterboard
  • Writing utensils
    • fine tipped sharpie
    • regular sharpie
    • colored pencils
    • ultra fine tipped pen

Step 1: Draw Circles, Label Months and Years

Draw on the side of the posterboard that is not shiny.

Trace or use a string to create a 16" diameter central circle. Draw smaller circles inside as shown. Divide the circles into 4ths, then each 4th into 3rds.

Label each segment with the month.

Draw ten 3" diameter circles around the exterior. Draw a circle within each. Divide into 12 segments as with the central circle. Write the first letter of each month in the appropriate segments for each external circle.

Write the current year inside the central circle. Write the past five years and the next five years within the external circles with the regular sharpie.

Step 2: Draw the Lines for the Days

In the main circle, for each month, divide the outer edge into 6ths with a fine-tipped sharpie. Then divide the first four 6ths of each month into 5ths. The last 5th of each month will have different numbers depending on how many days are in that month.

  • February: 3 (4 on leap year)
  • April, June, September, November: 5
  • January, March, May, July, August, October, December: 6

With a mechanical pencil, extend these day lines in order to make a place for events to be written. With the ultra-fine-tipped pen, number the days in the months from one to 28, 29, 30, or 31. Checking a calendar, label the days of the week using their initials.

Step 3: Add Events

With colored pencils color in the seasons. Color the weekends. Color the centers of the external circles as desired. Write numbers around the central circle as if it was a clock.

Add events to the central circle. Color code for ease of reading. birthdays holidays solstices and equinoxes draw a circle for each full moon school/work/vacations/other Add events to the past years school/work/vacations marriages/life events Add events to the future years school/work/vacations financial goals

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