Introduction: Clothes Pin ALARM

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When I was go camping with my friends or when I become alone in home or etc. I be aware of around area sometimes and some nerves about my privacy and etc. overthought my sister need alarm for his bookcase in university so think by myself what's happening if I have alarm and it help me with really loud I decide to make it easy and economical and after it's finished I decided to making video and share it with other guys. So do you like to making an alarm!! easy, simple and useful, We making this alarm with clothes pin!!! to find out how please follow us

Step 1: What We Need to Make It?

Clothes pin alarm is a simple and cheap alarm that you can make it about 30 min (for your first try)and about 5 min for your next. Here is what's you need for: one clothes pin (wooden or plastic)- some wire- two pins- heat glow or liquid glow- two AA 1.5v battery - a piece of wood or hard plastic- fishing wire- 6 volt buzzer. although I use 6 volt Buzzzzzer and supply it with 3 volt but its really good and if you need more sound volume you can supply it with four AA 1.5v battery. There is some tip to making and I recommended to watch my video (it's help us to making better projects too)its my first video too.

all of making steps completely explore in my video: click here to watch my video