Cloud Night Light

Introduction: Cloud Night Light

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This is a very simple design with a phenomenal look that can be hung on any wall without worry of connecting to the electricity because it works on batteries.

Materials for this instructable:
- MDF board
- IKEA Vissvass LED StringLight
- 2x AA battery
- White paint
- Glue

Tools needed:
- Computer & Printer
- Jigsaw
- Power sander
- Hot glue gun
- Spring Clamps

Step 1: Let´s Start!

You can draw your own cloud, but I found an image on the internet that I liked and printed on the dimensions I wanted.

Use the cloud you just cut as a stencil and draw the shape on the MDF board.
Saw the cloud with the jigsaw and then use the sander to make everything smoother...

Use a protective mask in this work, the MDF releases fine particles that can easily be inhaled when you saw it.

The hard work is done!

Step 2: Cloud Support and Painting...

With MDF leftovers, make three supports to keep the distance to the wall aligned and the light of our night light evenly distributed.
In the upper support, make a notch for the cloud to be hung, then glue them!

Now let's paint!
The MDF is very porous and therefore it is necessary to use a good primer. I painted one coat of primer and after drying two coats of enamel for wood.

Step 3: Light Up the Cloud!

There are many led strings, but let me tell you why I used the IKEA VISSVASS ...

When we use some type of battery light we always have to disconnect for the batteries to last, but these IKEA lights solve this problem. It has a timer and the timer switches the light off automatically after 6 hours, and switches it back on at the same time next day!
I recommend the use of rechargeable batteries, it is cheaper in the long term.

Glue the battery holder and make sure the switch is accessible so you do not have to move the cloud every time you want to turn it on.

Glue the lights evenly and you're done!

I hope you like it, if you have any doubts feel free to ask.

Visit my Youtube channel!

Thank you very much for your presence, I hope you enjoyed it and try to make this night light!

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 3

    could you share with us the picture of the cloud you took trying to make some for our babys room but cant seem to fimd the right cloud


    Answer 2 years ago

    I'm very happy that you want to make a cloud like mine for your baby's room!
    I no longer know what I did to the image, I probably deleted it, but I found one with the same shape I used.
    In my baby's room I have two, I made another one a little bigger and it looks fantastic!
    When you finish your cloud please share a photo ...
    I hope it helps, if you have any more questions I'm here to help :)