Clown Mallet




Introduction: Clown Mallet

This years haunted garage theme is THE HAUNTED CIRCUS....

This is the first new prop for this year the Clown Mallet.

Step 1: Supplies

Excuse the mess....

Five gallon bucket

1-1/2 pvc (or 1-3/4)

PVC caps and coupling

Neon spray paint and I used some metal colors as well

Painters tape

Something to cut off the top of the bucket (I used a reciprocating saw)

Paddle drill bit or hole saw


Step 2: Prepping the Mallet Head

Using a reciprocating saw I cut along the top edge of the bucket.

The edge helps to guide the blade as well to make a straight cut.

Next sand the top to remove ruff edges and level the bucket.

I also sanded off the wording on the bottom and lowered the ring in the center.

Step 3: Hole for the Handle

Measure mid way up the bucket and Drill/cut a hole.

I drilled mine a little small and used and exacto knife to trim the hole

I wanted a super snug fit.

Pushing the PVC through and elongating the bucket you can mark the opposite side

Step 4: Cutting the PVC

I placed the ring back on the bucket, this forced the bucket to be round, allowing me to measure me side to side distance. I also measured the distance I needed for the fittings.

Once cut I assembled the pieces to ensure a snug fit. (yes I had to do it twice cause the first one was too short)

I also cut the handle to a random length that felt good to hold

Step 5: Painting

I used a hammered metal paint for the fittings

Plastic primer for the bucket ( I placed onto another bucket so I could rotate it easier to paint

I focused on neon colors so it will shine under a black light

Did kind of a drum design on the Mallet head with a pink base covered with orange and silver

The handle is gold base then a tape spiral, then green, another tape spiral then neon yellow

Let them all set over night, then peel tape (may take one night between coats)

Tip on the handle: V-notch a couple of paint caps and it will hold it up off the table and keep it from rolling around

Step 6: Assemble

Press fit your pieces together or glue them (should be tight with all the paint on them)

Now smack some stuff.

I left one end open so I can place items on the table or ground and make them appear smashed and gone when I smack them. Also it makes a louder thump when hitting things. The open end can be taped over and painted.

Hope you guys enjoy this one. there are more coming for this year.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thinking about doing this for a Haunted House I'm working at. What was the wear and tear like over time of use and smacking it? Were you pretty aggressive with it?


    Reply 4 years ago

    it worked great, I banged the crap out of it. I left the one side open so I could set a head on a block and when I would come down on it, it would disappear into the hammer.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Let me get your advice on this then, seeing as I'll be chasing people (no time to pretend something disappeared, its a fast paced Haunted House), if I wanted to prolong the life of the hammer even more so would it be wise if I used the same build but filled the bucket with that yellow self-rising insulation to give it some weight when it hits and to take some of the shocks, then just tape it all up nice and tight? Would that be wise or would the closed-off bucket be more likely to break?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you...Sometimes I try to keep it simple. :)