Introduction: Halloween Tire Cover

Have you ever bought a vehicle and it comes with a tire cover with dealer info all over it? This will show you how to turn their free advertising into your new awesome tire cover.


Tire Cover

Non-copyright Image

Rubber Spray (plastidip/flexidip) BLack and White

Exacto Knife

Some Small Weights ( I used Nuts and Bolts)

Support Board (I used 3/4" foam insulation)

Image Editor ( I used gimp, free)


CAUTION: Use the spray rubber in a well ventilated area. I would also suggest a breather (even the paper kind) this stuff is tough if you breath too much of it in.

Step 1: Prepping the Cover

for this step you can leave the cover on the tire or go ahead and cut your backer board. I used a sheet of 3/4" foam insulation (home depot) and cut out a 32" circle to wrap the cover over(not shown). You will need this later on.

Clean the cover and let dry

Apply 2-3 coats of black rubber spray to the cover. Allow 30-45 Minutes between coats. Keep applying until all the logo info is covered.

Step 2: Print and Trim Your Image

While The coats are drying you can create your image.

Use an editing program to print your image across multiple pages of 8.5x11 paper. To get my image the right size I went 3 sheets by 3 sheets (tried 4x4 but it was too big), This made my image about 22" tall. Trim and tape the Pieces together. This will create one large image.

Use the Exacto to cut out the white section of the mask. Cut it as one piece, you will use it again later. (the foam board can also be used to trim your image on.)

Trim the other white areas

Trim the black areas from the inside of the mask.

Step 3: Apply First Stencil

After your cover is completely dry, Stretch it over your back board. get it as smooth as possible.

Center your stencil and place weight along the edges to keep from overspray under the stencil.

I used Nuts, bolts and scrap pieces of lumber.

I also covered outer edges with plain paper to block overspray.

Apply a heavy coat of white rubber spray over the stencil.

once the black cover is no longer visible through the white, carefully remove the weighs and lift the stencil.

You want to remove the stencil while the rubber is still wet, if it dries it will adhere the paper to the cover and will peel the rubber up.

Be careful not to smudge the white rubber.

note: The rubber can be peeled off of the nut and bolts later

Step 4: Second Stencil

Once the white is dry, 45-60 minutes,lay out the second stencil.

This stencil will lay along the edge of the image just like it was cut out of.

Again I have added several pieces of paper around the stencil to prevent overspray.

Use the weights from before and try to hold down all edges.

apply a few coats of black to the interior parts of the stencil. ( it doesn't take much to cover white)

Again carefully remove the weights form the stencil and lift straight up to avoid smudges.

This is done while the black is still wet or it will stick.

Step 5: Apply and Roll

Let the cover set overnight to dry completely.

Put the cover on your ride and enjoy a one of a kind Halloween look.

The rubber spray is flexible and will stretch with the cover.

It also can be removed with bug and tar remover or armor all wipes. (I'm sure there are several other removers out there)

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