Introduction: Cnc Plotter With Adruino

this project is very easy to make and very cheap and will u will learn something new here is a clip of the working

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Step 1: Parts for the Project

so the part u gone need for this project are

1. 2x old PC DVD Writer

2. Arduino nano (

3. Small servo motor (

4. L293D (

5. Zero PCB (

Step 2: Assembling the Components

first u gone attached those pins and shield for ic's on the PCB zero

and solder it

(note: count the number of pins on arduino nano and then cut the pins)



Step 4: Making of Arm for Cnc u gone need a piece of acrylic and cut a small part of 5x3cm and hole in it 0.5cm approx

2. now take a 0.5cm rod and and 18cm long and bend it from 11cm as shown

3 now take 2 piece of acylic 3x4 glue on the ends of the long piece

4 glue the servo on the back at 2.5cm

5 now u need a small spring and the glue the small piece with rod

Step 5: Soldering the Circuit

now u need to solder and connect the components from the diagram it would hardly take 2 hours

Step 6: Making the Body of Cnc

1next thing u need is to take thing out step motor assembly of your old dvd box

2now take a wooden plank 25x22cm and two wooden piece of 18x5cm and then glue them 9cm apart and glue the step motor assembly for y-axis

3 then place the other step motor assembly down for x-axis

Step 7: Assembling the Arm and Giving Connections

now glue the arm and solder ther step motor circuit and solder some pins

Step 8: Board Attachment

1.Now Attach the Thin Wooden a Pcb Sheet to the X-axis and Make Sure the The Laser Assembly Is Near to the Y-axis

Step 9: Now Attach a Pen With Rod and Place a Paper With Paper Pins

Step 10: Programing and Run the Software and Working

here is a link for all the neccesary software and intructions are given with it even if u face problem u can ask me in comment below

here is a clip of the working

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