Introduction: Water Cooler Tank

This inscrutable is about how to make a water cooler with simple components at home

Step 1: Materials Required

This are simple parts you will find it on hardware store and on online or and electronic shop
1.a plastic container cylinder shape
2.epoxy glue or any strong adhesive for water proofing glue and hot glue gun
4.peltier module
5.heat sink with fan
6.small heat sink without fan
7.12v 5a power supply
8. Ro tap

Step 2:

Step 3: Preparing the Body of the Tank

Place peltier module on bottom of the tank and mark it’s boundry with marker and cut the inside of of the marks for placing the peltier module

Step 4: Placing the Heat Sink for Peltier

Place double side tap on the heat sink on side of the shape of peltier module this will work as and insulator and protect cold side of the peltier from getting heat (note to see which side is cooler connect peltier wire to power supply and see it we need to place hottor side on this heat sink) and apply heat sink compound

Step 5: Placing the Peltier Unit With Tank

Now insert the peltier module into the cut we made and place the heat sink with fan on bottom and cooler side on the other side don’t forget to apply heat sink compound (note do it carefully it is poisones and don’t speared that to the tank only upto module

Now take 2 ties note and ties the heat sink tightly with each other

Step 6: Water Proffing the Tank With Unit

Now this step should be done slowly and carefully because it has to be waterproof nicely slowly take epoxy on tip of a pencils and apply on the side of heat sink and hole we did for ties and let is dry for 1 hour after the apply hot glue to edge of epoxy so that it’s now fully waterproof let it dry for at least some time

Step 7: