Introduction: Coat Hanger Drill Bit

Have you been looking to drill tiny holes straight through your floors or walls? Do you love 2 minute hacks? Have you been searching for a way to make sure you are running wire through the wall and not straight through to the ceiling or floor of another room? Have you been looking to use a piece of trash for something useful? Look no further! I'll show you how you can use a coat hanger to drill through flooring, drywall, or even solid hardwood. I stood there with my mouth open when my electrician pulled out an old coat hanger and used it to drilla hole straight through my closet flooring and into my basement. He used it as a guide to find where to drill with the larger bit, in order to be sure he was drilling inside the wall. The hole left behind is so small I didn't even bother patching it. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Get a Coat Hanger

Find yourself a wire coat hanger, and cut the straight portion at both ends to separate it from the rest of the hanger. Make sure to taper one end so that its a chiseled point. Once that's done, chuck the other end into your drill.

Step 2: GO!

Press the tip of the coat hanger firmly against your piece. Use your free hand to minimize the wobble in the wire while you get the drill up to speed. You want a fairly high rpm. While you drill, keep as much downward pressure as you can without bowing your coat hanger. It is perfectly fine to touch the rotating wire as you push. Just make sure your wire is free of nicks and burrs, or wear some gloves. I've included a video so you can see it in action.

Video Link

Step 3: Do Something Fun!

Now that you have the ability to drill really long skinny holes, try doing something fun! I drilled a long thin piece of wood lengthwise and ran some wires through it and illuminated an LED. Try drilling through one end of a dowel to the other. It's not easy to stay straight, but this is surprisingly effective!

Step 4: A Few Tips

  • If you are drilling through a thick or hard piece of wood, be careful when you pull the bit out. It will likely be very hot, and probably flopping all around.
  • If you find that you are dulling your point, just snip a new point and keep going
  • If your coat hanger is bending too much, ease off and use your free hand to stabilize it
  • It's really difficult to drill in a perfectly straight line doing this. So this is not recommended for precision work unless you've practiced it a bit.

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