Introduction: Coat Rack With 3d Printed Parts

About: I am mechanical engineer and I work on robotic mechanical design. I am running my startup and sometime working on my design hobby.

This coat stand is inspired by Shurly here

I simplified the design so that I can have my stand with the minimum parts possible. As you can see in the photo, the coat stand can hold a lot of stuff. In Canada winter, I can easily put my down jacket there (hooked into the string that I hung on the dowel). With the 1 in. dowel, the rack is stiff and stable for everyday use.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need to print 1 connector and 3 base parts for the coat stand. My design is used for the 1 in diameter dowels that I got from Home Depot ( Of course you could chose the length you prefer, I am just too lazy to cut the dowel shorter. Please note that the STL file are at the exact 1 in diameter holes. Consider that all the 3d printed parts gonna be shrink, do not forget to scale it up according to your 3D printer. I used a Zotrax 200 and I scaled the size to 101%

Step 2: Assembling the Stand

I used the connector to joint the 3 dowels as in the photo. Again, please remember to scale up the 3D printed part otherwise it will be difficult to put the dowel through. The position of the connector along the dowel is up to you. Since the dowels are at an angle of 20 degree to the ground (photo), the bases are used to compensate with it. When you put the bases make sure their contact surfaces to the ground become flat. You may also cut the ending of the dowel in stead of using the bases. That's all you need to do to get this coat rack