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Introduction: Coco Speaker - High Fidelity Audio Speakers

Hello Instructabler's , Siddhant here.Do you want to listen High quality sound?Probably you would love to... Well... in fact everyone loves to.Presented here is the Coco-Speaker - Which not only provides HD sound quality but also "MEETS THE EYE"


Everyone loves to listen sound from a speaker but why not in a different kind of device which give an attractive look to your sound system.


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Step 1: Getting Ready With Supplies

Here's the list of the materials you need to get before you begin.

1. Medium sphere shaped coconut. x 1

2.One speaker. 2" diameter

3.Speaker wires

4.Basic tools and soldering skills.

Step 2: Prepare the Coconut

Peel off the husk from the coconut. Now gently sand the coconut surface with sandpaper without destroying the natural texture. Our aim is to soften the surface. Further give it a soft shave with cutter so that we get a perfect texture and softness


Note:- Make a small hole behind the coconut for connection wires.

Step 3: Cutting the Coconut

Place this Speaker on the coconut and mark the circle.

Now carefully cut along the circle with a mini hacksaw. Take your time and cut it as clean as possible because this will affect the final result.Save both the parts of coconut . We need the smaller one for the base.

Remember: Be careful while cutting . Apply optimum pressure or else the shell will break. And of course the goal is to cut the shell , not our hand so be careful. Also save the cut portion for the base.

Step 4: Fix the Speaker

Carefully stick the speaker to the hole.

Then I used hot glue to seal the gaps around the speaker.Since the shell is not perfectly round, air can leak around the sides of the speaker and this will lead to a loss of volume.

Step 5: Making of Stand

To make the stand I have used waste material.I took broken glass and remaining part of coconut to make stand.

You can just make the stand using remaining part of coconut.

Step 6: Demo



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    2 years ago

    Hifi? speakers? I like the idea of this project, but you should also include the other parts of the build, such as the audio amplifier


    Reply 2 years ago

    thanks cheesey
    I will definetly work on it and will post the updated instructable soon.