Introduction: Home Automation (Voice & Manual Control)

In this instructable I am going to show you how to control electronic /electrical appliances through voice and manual control by using android and bluetooth.

How Does It Work?

For voice control:-

The App works by pressing the mic button, then the it will wait for you to say a command. The app will then display the word's that you've stated and will send data strings to the Arduino for process.

For manual control:-

The App works by pressing the button(ON LED 1)it will send a string to arduino for process the command and by pressing(OFF LED 1)then it sends string to arduino for process the command.

NOTE:- You cannot use this Manual app for another arduino code.If you want to create your own app you can use MIT app inventor.

Step 1: Parts and Materials

Things that you will need :-

- Arduino UNO

- Bluetooth Module


- Breadboard

- Jumper cables

You will get all these things on amazon or flipkart.

NOTE :- You can use Relay to control Home Appliances.

Step 2: Bluetooth and Arduino Connections

Grab some jumper cables and connect Bluetooth 5v to arduino 5v.then connect arduino Gnd to bluetooth Gnd .

Now connect the RX (pin #0) of the Arduino to the TX pin of the
Bluetooth module and the TX (pin #1) of the Arduino to the RX pin of the Bluetooth module. (refer to the image above)

Step 3: Connections of LED to Arduino

Take a common ground pin from arduino and connect it to breadboard negative rail .Then connect all negative terminals of LED to breadboard negative rail.

Now connect positive terminal of Led to arduino pin number 2 and pin number 3.

NOTE : - I have programmed an arduino only for two LED but You can increase number of led by programming your own arduino code.

Step 4: Programming the Arduino

Understanding The App:
When you will say the command the android will convert it into text and the app will send strings to the arduino via bluetooth. What's a string? A string is like a word, you can make conditional statements out of it [ex: if (voice == "*computer on") {// turn Pin #2 on} ].

How Can I Change The Commands?
You can see that the "bulb on " is highlighted from the image above. If you want to change the command you can change it in arduino software .

NOTE :- You can download arduino code from below.

Step 5: How to Use App

Open the application and select the bluetooth option and connect your android to bluetooth module.

For voice app:-

click on mic button and say command :- bulb on,bulb off for led 1

tube light on,tube light off for led 2

For manual app:-

click on ON LED button or OFF LED button and enjoy.

NOTE :- APK for apps are given below.

Step 6: Demo of the Project

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