Introduction: Coconut - Jaggery Stuffed Dough Press Sweet

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This is a sweet dish made from wheat flour with grated coconut and jaggery as stuffing. In Tamil we call this sweet as Poornam.

Please go through this instructable on how to make this sweet dish

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment


  • One cup of wheat flour
  • Half a coconut
  • 100 grams of jaggery
  • 8 to 10 cardamom pods

Equipment to make the shape

  • Medium sized dough press

Step 2: Make Grated Coconut

  • Remove coconut meat from the shell and cut into small pieces
  • Using a mixer-grinder, grate the coconut meat
  • Lightly fry the grated coconut over low flame to remove excess moisture
  • Remove from pan and allow to cool

Step 3: Make Stuffing

  • Scrap out the jaggery into fine pieces and add to the grated coconut
  • Remove seeds from the cardamom pods and crush into powder
  • Add the crushed cardamom seeds to the coconut - jaggery mix and blend everything together

Now our stuffing is ready

Step 4: Make Dough

  • In a bowl take small amount of salt and add water to it
  • Add little amount of salt water to the wheat flour and mix
  • Add one ladle full of milf and about 2 teaspoons of ghee to the flour and make dough

Step 5: Roll Dough

  • In our home we use a large piece of granite stone for rolling dough
  • Place the dough over the granite stone and roll thinly with a rolling pin

Step 6: Cut Round Pieces From Rolled Dough

  • The backside of the Dough press can be used to cut round pieces from the rolled dough
  • Start from one edge and cut round pieces from the rolled dough and store in another plate
  • Cut as many round pieces as possible from the rolled dough. You can reuse the left-over dough after removing round pieces

Step 7: Make Stuffings

  • Lightly apply ghee to the moulding surface of the dough press
  • Place one round piece at the center and add stuffing.Take care not to add too much stuffing as the excess will be pressed out and open the edges
  • Press firmly with the dough press and open it
  • Gently remove the mould dough and store in a plate

Step 8: Deep Fry the Sweet

  • Heat enough oil in a frying pan
  • When oil is heated, add two or three pieces of stuffed dough in oil and deep fry
  • Turn them over with a ladle so that the other side also gets fried evenly
  • Once both sides are fried to a golden brown, remove from oil and keep over an oil absorbing paper

Serve this sweet dish as an evening snack.

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