Introduction: Coding With IOS Code Blocks

Coding with iOS is a unique way to have your iOS device doing automations, fetching the news, starting cyberwarfare, and even scheduling text messages. For this instructable, we will be focussing on cyber warfare, specifically spamming friends and contacts with one of the biggest books I know. Just to clear things up, I’m not religious.

Supplies will have all the Bible verses for you
An iOS or iPadOS device running iOS 13+ will work
The shortcuts app

Step 1: Download the Shortcuts App, and Open It.

Really, do I have to write a body?

Step 2: In the App, After an Initial Startup Pop-up, You Should See a + in the Upper Corner.

Click this + and you should be confronted with a screen like this:

Step 3: Now I Am Going to Add a Screenshot of the Code.

This should help you put it together. If it doesn’t, I will stick a shortcut file at the end. I apologize for not cropping the outside of one of them

Step 4: Here Is the a List of Blocks to Add

First add a “select contact” block
Then add a text block and write 1000000
Then add a text block that says 0
Then add a variable that sets Yo to text (as seen in picture)
Then, put a repeat block that repeats text.
After that, put a math block in that says Yo+1
After this, you may put a text box with whatever book you want. I copied the book of Genesis off, but the bee movie script works well.
Below this put a split text box (search for any boxes I reference in this article using the search bar in the app) with the split key being Custom and then choose .
After that add a scripting function that- you know, just look at the screenshot.
After that just follow the screenshot because it’s kind of complicated to explain. I will also link the shortcut here. It is untrusted, but I would never send malware or anything, so you are fine.

Step 5: Now Get Spamming!

Just click next and name it, and then start pressing it and sending scores of messages annoyingly to some guy who ghosted you or that successful former classmate! Just don’t get into trouble- stop when they say stop. This is a weapon of mass infuriation, and as such can only be marked by one thing: a big red button.


Here is the link to download it.

Don’t mess with people too badly, ok? Be nice on the internet.