Introduction: Coffee Capsule Rack

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This was a Speed Contest so I built the first thing that came to mind as fast as I could. Turns out it was a rack for holding Coffee Capsules. I built it in such a way that just about any 3D Printer can make it and it can be stacked indefinitely and doesn't have much surface area so it will print faster. Each Rack can hold 18 Capsules, thats a LOT of coffee! Dont drink it all at once!

I just did this one for fun!


3D PRINTER!!!!!!!!

Step 1: How the Slots Fit Together

The front view shows how the two ends fit together. It is just eight simple notch and slot designs that fit together to provide enough support (and space) for the 18 capsules it will hold.

Step 2: Files

I tried to attach a object file so that anyone could modify it but only an STL file would be accepted.

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