Introduction: Coffee Hand Scrub

This hand scrub is as simple as used coffee grounds and soap.

I like getting my hands dirty in the garden or fixing my bike and this no fuss hand scrub get's them nice and clean afterwards.

Let's go!


You will need

some used coffee grounds

soap - liquid or in a bar, which ever you prefer

a tray to dry your coffee grounds in

a small container of some sort to store your dried coffee grounds

and dirty hands of course

Step 1: Dry Your Coffee Grounds

Spread your used coffee grounds into a tray.

Dry them in the sun, on the radiator/stove or in the warm oven until completely dry.

Put them in your storage container.

Step 2: Scrub Those Dirty Hands

It's time to get your hands dirty so you can try your new hand scrub.

First get some soap onto your hands.

Then pinch a bit of coffee from your pot of dried coffee grounds.

Now rub the coffee grounds into your soapy hands and scrub off all that grease and dirt.

Rinse your hands under warm water, still scrubbing off the dirt.

If your hands are very dirty do it again, first soap then coffee grounds.

Finish your hand wash with another round off soap and water.

Voila! Hands are clean :)

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