Introduction: Coffee Table Made Form a Single 2x4

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To get an overview please watch the video.

First, sorry for my English!

This coffee table was made by a 2"x4" (5cm x 10cm) and 8 feet (240cm) long.

I know it is a wrong 2x4 because it is 2"x 4" and a real 2x4 is not 2"x 4"

The wood I used was Swiss pine, in German "Zirbe". It smells pretty good, so I decided not to use any wood finish.

Step 1: Plan and Tools

All measures on this plan are in cm!

Tools, I used:

  • table saw
  • router
  • band sander
  • drill press
  • clamps
  • chisel

wood glue

4 screws

Step 2: Cut the 2x4 in Pieces

I have only a small table saw, but with a clamp and a supporting table, it was no problem.

Step 3: Cut the Pieces in Width

Swiss pine is very soft. So it was not a problem to cut it with a fine saw blade.

Step 4: Milling

I cut a 4mm slot in the long table frame piece

all the small boards of the table top got a shoulder, so the fit in this slot

every foot got two slots

Step 5: Cut Tenons

the pieces of the frame got tenons

Step 6: Sanding

a lot of sanding!

Step 7: Assembling the Table Top

I glued every tenon in the slot of the frame with a small separator made out of 6 mm MdF

Then I glued the second board on the tenons and clamped all together.

After the glue was dry, I cut the boards in length and sand the table top.

Step 8: Preparing the Table Stand

the table top was screwed on the stand

I drilled holes with a big drill bit half into the frame boards

and with a small drill bit all the way through

Step 9: Assembling the Table Stand 1

First, I glued the two small pieces on the feet

Step 10: Assembling the Table Stand 2

then I glued the long parts on.

Because my clamps are not big enough, I made this little jig.

Step 11: Assembling

Just screw the table stand on the table top.

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