Introduction: Super Easy Homemade Coffee Maker Pasta.

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So many instructables about making pasta that I had to do my own that did not require Ramen noodles. The great thing about this one is you can keep the ingredients in a sealed container  in the trunk for a short trip or in a closet for a college student. Actually I will be doing eggless pasta which is safer for our purposes. Eggless pasta is sometimes known as trenette.

Make sure the coffee maker is clean of any coffee grinds. It might take several water only cycles to clean. or have a spare one. They are cheap.

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Step 1: Tools and Ingredients.

Coffee maker that does at least 4 or more cups.
Soup bowl for mixing and eating.
Fork with a flat back end.
Sturdy glass


Base pasta ingredients:
1/2 -3/4 cup flour + some for dusting.
1/6 to 1/4 cup water for dough.
10-12 cups water for coffee maker.

Topping ingredients:
Condensed milk
Dried cheese such as Parmesan.
Garlic salt

Step 2: Make the Dough.

Mix flour and water in the bowl and stir with the fork or use you floured hands till you get a good ball and nothing is left on the sides of the bowl. If there is a little bit left just wash it out. Then let the dough rest for a bit.

Step 3: Coffee Maker Time.

Add the 10 -12 cups of water to the coffee maker. Turn on the coffeemaker, let percolate till all I mean all the water has gone into the carafe.

Step 4: Pasta Strips.

Put down some flour on the foil. put dough down on top of that and press down with your hand so it becomes like a pancake. Then take the glass and spread the dough out even farther as you can but not paper thin. Then dust well with flour so there are no wet sticky spots.

Step 5: Roll It

With the pasta not sticky, roll it up like a cinnamon roll. All the way though.

Step 6: Cut 'em.

Then use the fork tines or the back of the fork to cut out sections. Then spread out each section to dry till the coffeemaker is ready. You should do this quickly or the pasta might not separate right.

Step 7: Time to Cook.

Add the noodles into the carafe with the hot water and stir. This will give the noodles time to congeal a bit. Warning: Do not put int he noodles before the water or you will have a mess!!  Replace the carafe and  then temporarily remove the carafe to stir the pasta every thirty seconds to a minute till the noodles are done. Should not be that long.

Step 8: Bath's Over

Drain the pasta well. I assume I do not need a picture for this. just pour the water sideways sort of out of the carafe into the sink. You should not lose any pasta if you are careful. Then pur the pasta back in the bowl. you can use the fork to get any stragglers. If you wanted to make noodle soup, you could keep the water to pour into a bowl with the noodles.

Step 9: The Last Step, Except for Eating.

I tried to use Ingredients that really do not need any refrigeration during most cool days.Of course you can use spaghetti sauce or whatever. I like white sauce for a change of pace.  With the pasta in the bowl add just a little bit of condensed milk.  You can always add more. Add some of the cheese. Mix with the fork. Add pepper and garlic salt as preferred. Stir again. Now it's done  Time to eat. Gosh it was good!!!!

There are a bunch of other easy non-fridge toppings, but that is for another instructable.

Step 10: Alternative Topping.


Can of sweet peas
Italian spice
Smallest can tomato paste (ketchup packets could be substituted in an emergency.)
Water (if not using ketchup packets).

What to do:

Mix water with tomato paste and spices.
Add peas.
Mix with pasta.

Photo coming.