Introduction: Coffee on Paper

this is how you make coffee on paper art.

very easy step-by-step

note: on each step blow dry the coffee on the paper


2 paint brushes

1 mocha cup

2 cups to put the light coffee and the dark coffee in

A3 paper

hair dryer

Step 1: Get the Coffee

take a moca pot and put some powder coffee till it's full and add water to the top of the coffee so that when you paint (with coffee) it won't have pieces of coffee (because if you have those peices it will ruin the texture and how realistic it looks)

Step 2: The

take an A3 paper and 2 cups of coffee coming from the mocha cup

Step 3: How to Use the Paint Brush

brush the coffee on the paper softly so that you can get the texture shown on the picture.

Step 4: The Grass

when you finish a painting the paper leave a little of the page so that it will look like a sunset and make it a little darker at the bottom so that it will look Like grass

Step 5: The Tree's

after you are finished with the grass add 3 trees and add leaves to it like in the example on the picture.

Step 6: Falling Leaves

add leaves around the tree to make the leaves look like they're falling down