Introduction: Coin Bottle Opener

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It all started in Thailand, i saw this coin in the flea market... from the price and the number of coins there i understood it was a fake coin. but still the one dollar are big and look very nice.

decided to bargain a bit and took it to his destiny - bottle opener ;)

Step 1: Tools & Materials


  • Dremel driller
  • Metal bits
  • Jeweler's Saw (can be found here)
  • Clamps


  • Big coin
  • Key chain

Step 2: Measurements

I decided to create a circle half in the coin to get the bottle opener shape.

Each coin deffer in size, so i think the best way to cut that shape, is to place the coin near the bottle cap and to mark it roughly on the coin.

Step 3: Coin Hole

This main step divides into sub steps:

  1. First hole - Drill a hole in the center of the coin, set the coin with clamps to the table and drill the hole.
  2. Sawing the coin - i created a v-slot bench form a piece of wood, clamped the coin to the bench and sawed the pre-marked hole in the coin. small thing to remember is to close the saw when the blade is in the drilled hole in the coin (repeat this every time the blade brakes...)
  3. Actual bottle opener - this will require filing the diameter in 45°. i used the dremel to archive this.
  4. Open tooth - after filing the diameter, i again used the dremel to create a tooth by filing in 90° for the bottle opener to fit under the bottle cap.

Step 4: Polish the Coin

Here i used the dremel with a copper bit, and polished the coin to remove stains and to give it a shiny look.

Step 5: Key Chain

I drilled a hole in the upper side of the coin and inserted a key chain that i took from an old USB stick.

Step 6: Done


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