Introduction: Gee-haw Whammy Diddle

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This is my third instructable in my toys category ("Floating Pingpong Toy", "Solar Plane").

"Gee-Haw whammy diddle" is a toy that not only has this great playful name, it also is magical by how it works!

It's simplicity and the physics behind it, made me curious to the point i had to build one,

This is a quick instructable anyone can finish in 30 minutes!!!



  • Wood stick
  • nail


  • saw
  • drill (optional)

Step 1: Sticks

For this toy we need two sticks:

Main one with notches and a plane one,

I choose a stick with 1.5cm in diameter and 20cm long and for the second i cut a stick of 15cm long.

Step 2: Notches

The notches should be located at the top of the stick, about 10cm, where you should leave enough space to hold the stick, bottom line: 8cm (handle) , 10cm (notches), 2cm (blank).

With a hand saw, cut notches in 30-45 degrees as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Propeller

I used a scrap of thin wood 5cm long, marked the middle and drilled a hole.

IMPORTANT: the hole should be twice larger than the nail you are using(in diameter).

Step 4: Play!

Hold the "handle" firmly to direct the vibration to the propeller and with a second stick rub the notches.



Try controlling the direction it spins...


If you are looking for the physical explanation of how it works, you can visit here

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