Introduction: Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

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Hate overpaying for something you can most likely make at home? Me too. I was browsing coffee making techniques and came across cold brewed coffee. After a day of toying around (and way too much coffee for one person to drink) I came up with a recipe I like. This may be a little strong for some people, but you can always add more milk or water. My mom actually thought it was too strong so blended it with ice. Apparently she liked it because I am supposed to bring her more. Enjoy!

NOTE: This takes about 12 hours minimum to brew.

Materials Needed:
Container to brew it in, preferably with a lid

Step 1: Step One

Select your coffee. For mine, I chose Moxie Java (locally owned company) French Roast.  Grind up coffee to end up with 1 1/4 cups ground coffee. Pour into mason jar. It should fill close to 1/4 of the jar.

Step 2: Step Two

Add water, preferably filtered.  Fill with about 4 1/2 cups water or to the top of a normal sized mason jar. Flip upside down or shake a little to agitate the grounds/water. Let sit for 12 hours, agitating it every once in a while. You can put it in the fridge but I filtered my last batch at room temp and it seemed to work better. Not sure if it really did or if I was imagining it.

Step 3: Step Three

Once it is done brewing, 12 hours later, double filter it.  I used the filter my coffee maker came with for the first filter, then a cone shaped filter for the second. It actually takes me about two to three filters because I get impatient. 

Step 4: Step Four

Add your ice, milk and syrup! I mix mine about 2/3 coffee, 1/3 milk, with a splash of syrup.  You can add more milk or even dilute it with some water if it is too strong.

Step 5: Step Five

Enjoy! It took this long, it had better taste good right? Hopefully you guys like it! My cat was eyeballing it pretty hard.