Introduction: Coleman Camp Stove Replacement Knob

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As most camp stove users know the original plastic burner control knobs are really just placeholders for whatever contraption they end up needing to rig up once the factory ones get lost, cracked or stripped of their internal grip. This instructable is for you my friends.

My brother-in-law was organizing his garage recently and came across his Coleman camp stove which just so happened to be missing one such knob and the other had one foot out the door. Only a millisecond passed between him asking if I wanted it and me thinking this was the exact reason my wife allowed me to buy a 3D printer!!! Time to prove it's worth - Side note....saving 5-10 bucks by making this knob has not amounted to my wife's total approval.

The stove I have needed a star patterned insert and luckily since I'm not very quick in 3D design yet I was able to find something close on Thingiverse and modified it to suit my needs. This knob fits like a glove, albeit a tight glove but one that should last a while. In the one picture you can see my first attempt on the left knob which I printed with a hole that allows for an M4 machine screw to thread into the Colemans knob gear perfectly. Knowing I might not always have a tool available to remove said screw should the knob malfunction I printed the one on the right sans hole and have provided the STL file for anyone to use or modify as needed.


Infill: 25%

Shells: 2

Layer height: .15mm

Speed: 70mm/s Extruding; 130mm/s Traveling

Hope this helps and happy camping!!

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