Introduction: Collage Paper Bow

Make this bow to add a chic and artistic touch to your holiday gifts. It wont take more than 5 minutes to make and looks incredible! On top of that you can recycle foreign newspaper for an eclectic look.

Step 1: Materials

You will need....

Tissue Paper (White looks the nicest and will work with most color schemes)
Paper scraps

Pretty easy right? Next step...

Step 2: Cut Tissue Paper

Fold your sheet of tissue paper into thirds if it is not already, we buy ours at Costco and cut it the way the have it folded in the bag. Cut about 2-4 tissue paper pieces per bow. Once you have your paper cut, fan fold them (like you would fold a origami fan) into thirds but DO NOT CUT! Put them on top of each other and in the middle pinch them together. This is your base. 

Remember: Take account your gift size to you dont make your bow to large or small, you may have to alter directions for different bow sizes 

Step 3: Adding Paper Scraps

Now add some color to your bow by adding your paper scraps. One by one put them on your bow base (tissue paper) and pinch in the middle with each paper added. Add the paper from longest and thickest first to small the thin (you might want to make sure your papers are around the size of your base but not uniform). Once you have your papers how you want them tie the bow together with raffia. Wrap the raffia from the front and tie in the back, you will have to wrap if around several times. KEEP YOUR RAFFIA LONG! You will use it to tie the bow to your gift so also make sure the bow is in the middish area.

Step 4: Done!

You have now made a bow to tie to your presents, but there are also other uses for them.

You can...
Tie them to the Christmas tree.
Make a festive wreath out of them or just tie one on your a color pop
Napkin holders
Gift cards

As you can see there is much more to what you can use these for than wrapping your gifts at holidays.