Introduction: Collapsible Spray Booth

About: I am an artist working in the areas of ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, and design.
This 'instructable' demonstrates using a free standing shelf system for spraying paint, stain, varnish etc.

What you will need
1. Collapsible Rack system (Gorilla Rack)
2. Butcher paper
3. Painter's tape
4. wood rod or metal bar
5. wire or wire clothes hanger

Step 1: Assemble Gorilla Rack

Assemble the Gorilla Rack without the the middle parts on one side. 
(in this image you will notice it still has the 2nd shelf support in place on the side closest to you).

Step 2: Wrap With Butcher Paper

I found it is best to wrap and tape the outside of the steel frame as the paper is likely to separate from the frame if winds pick up.

I used two of the shelves that came with the rack on the top and bottom (although paper can be used as well).

Step 3: Hanging Piece(s)

I used a steel rod to hang the wire from that holds the bike frame and forks.

Step 4: Wrap the Rest

Since I was spraying a 2-part clear coat on this frame I needed to protect the slow-curing coat from dust and bugs so I wrapped the rest of the rack with butcher paper while it dried.

Step 5: Clean-up

After the clear coat cured, I removed the painted parts and cleaned up. I put the butcher paper in the recycling bin and then collapsed the Gorilla Rack to stow away for later use.