Introduction: Colorblind Aid Glasses

Create two sets of colored glasses to aid in color-blindness. Useful for solving video game puzzles that require normal color vision, or determining if a color is red or green.

Uses: when wearing the cyan pair, red will appear very dark or black, and blue-green (cyan) will appear very light or almost white. When wearing the red pair, the opposite is true.

You will need:

Two anaglyph (red-cyan) glasses



Step 1: Place Glasses Front-to-front.

Step 2: Cut Through Center.

Placing them front-to-front makes them match up exactly in a later step just in case your cut is not exact.

Step 3: Separate.

Step 4: Swap One Side Red for Cyan and Bend the Opposite Way.

Step 5: Tape Down the Center.

Do for both the red and blue sets.

Step 6: You Now Have a Set Each of Cyan and Red Glasses.

Step 7: Here Is an Example of a Puzzle That Is Difficult to Solve for Colorblind People.

This is from Machinarium (the Under the Dome puzzle).

Step 8: Here's How It Looks to a Colorblind Person.

One may only be red-green deficient, but for practical purposes the colors are indistinguishable.

Step 9: Here's How It Looks With the Red Glasses.

Not much help in this particular puzzle, but good for other ones.

Step 10: With the Cyan Glasses, the Puzzle Is Solveable.

The colorblind person can now see which balls have to be moved into place.