Introduction: Colored Fire

On this scientific method, you  will learn how to make colored fire with household items.
Its an interesting experiment that haves few simple steps. 

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You can chose some of this items to use, and every one of them gives you a different color.
Violet- Potassium chloride ("no salt")
Blue  - Alcohol ("hand sanitizer")
green-Boric acid or copper sulfate ("roach killer")
Yellow-sodium chloride ("table salt")
Orange-salt & flare mixture
red    -strontium nitrate ("red emergency flare")
Of course fuel and a match.

Step 2:

Only thing you have to do is to pour the one of the things i had mentioned, & then put some fuel on it, then   you light it up.
That should work perfectly, but if you want to make a rainbow out of those colors, you need to place those items i have mentioned earlier, then you put them in a straight line, every one of them needs to be seperated on a lenght of 3cm (more or less),then connect them with fuel the light them up!