Introduction: Colorful Crocheted Reusable Grocery Bags

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I've been crocheting these colorful, mesh bags for the past few days. They're perfect to use as reusable grocery bags or even just for produce. You can alter the pattern to meet your own needs too.

The only things you'll need to make one of these reusable bags is a skein of yarn (although you'll use far less than the whole skein), a J-sized crochet hook, and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: First Row

1. Slip stitch, then chain stitch 36

2. Double crochet in 3rd stitch from hook.

3. Chain stitch 2.

4. Double crochet in second stitch from hook.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the end of the row.

Step 2: Second Row and Beyond

6. Chain stitch 2, and turn the work around to start on the next row.

7. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 until 44 rows have been completed.

Step 3: Connect the Sides

8. Fold work in half length-wise.

9. Single crochet down one side, making sure both halves get stitched together in the process.

10. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Add Some Handles

11. Turn your work right side out.

12. Begin half double crocheting around the top edge of the bag, two half-double crochets in six holes.

13. Chain stitch 12.

14. Skip five holes and half-double crochet twice in the sixth hole.

15. Continue half-double crocheting twice in each hole until you reach the opposite side.

16. Chain 12 once you reach the spot for the second handle and half-double crochet twice in the sixth hole.

17. Once you go all the way around, continue crocheting in the round with half-double crochet stitches.

18. When you get to the handles, half-double crochet 12 stitches around each handle.

19. Keep going in the round with half-double crochets until you've completed a total of four rows of half-double crochets.

20. Cut off work and weave in ends.

Step 5: Completed!

It's a pretty easy pattern once you get the hang of it, although it's probably more suitable for middle-level crocheters. It's also easily alterable so you can change it to get dimensions you desire. Keep in mind, even with these smaller dimensions (approximately 12" x 12" or so), the bag is incredibly stretchy, so many items will be able to fit inside.

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