Introduction: Colorful Marbled Spoons

Get your ceramic spoons ready for the summer with this easy and colorful marble technique! By using glass stain the colors will last all summer long.

Step 1: Supplies

What you'll need:

- Glass stain in different bright colors

- A bowl with water

- Ceramic spoons

- Mixing sticks

Step 2: Add Colors to Water

Add drops of colors in the bowl of water, using a mixing stick or paintbrush.

Step 3: Mix the Colors

Mix the colors with a mixing stick until a marbled pattern appears.

Step 4: Add Colors on Spoon

Put the upper part of the spoon in the water, you'll see the colors attaching to the surface of the spoon. Make a round movement so the other side of the spoon is up and get it out of the water. The colored pattern is now all around the spoon.

Step 5: Ready!

Let the spoons dry for a couple of hours and then they are ready to use!

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