Introduction: Colorful Plant

let's make a colorful plant, It's will be fun!

Step 1: Required Items

# plants

# Ink (but only use food dye)

# Water

# Waste pen cap, plastic box

# More patience

# 24 hours Time


This project will take a long time without work

so, patience and interest is more important

Step 3: My Failures

First I don't know that some plants won't give the required result. so I tried for a week and all in vain, then I learned that a plant with thin leaves and thick veins will give the perfect result.

Step 4: Required Materials & How to Do It

first, pick a small plant without damaging the roots. Mix dye with water place the plant in this mixture makes sure the root in the water

If you use a pencil cap instead of the box it will be much better

Leave the whole setup for a day

Step 5: Final Output

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