Introduction: Colors of the Rainbow of Old Skateboards!

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Hello everyone!

In this instructables I'll show you how you can make a beautiful wooden stool out of old recycled skateboards. It's so fun to work with old skateboards, it"s so colorful and you get beautiful results!

Sooo, let's start!

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Tools I used:

- Tablesaw

- Jointer/planer

- Miter saw

- Bandsaw

- Sanders

- Rasp / Graff Speedcutter

Materials I used:

- Wood glue

- Broken skateboards

- Reclaimed wood

- Clamps

Step 1: The Legs

Picture #1: I'm using reclaimed oak lumber, so this will be a lot of work to make some legs out of it! It will be a lot of sawing and planing of all the lumber.

Picture #2: I'm gluing up the boards, because I need thicker lumber. I'm using a simple clamping jig to keep the boards aligned. You'll never have enough clamps!

Picture #3: Square the legs on the jointer. Plane it down to the right thickness: 5cm x 5cm.

Picture #4: We'll need 4 long pieces (the legs) and 8 short pieces (the cross supports). First make a proper cut on one end of all your lumber before you cut it to length. The 4 legs are 44cm long, the cross supports are 20cm long.

Step 2: Assembly

Picture #1: Mark & drill 8mm holes for assembly, I'm using 8mm dowels.

Picture #2: Assemble the stool with wood glue and clamps!

Step 3: The Seat

Picture #1: For the seat I'm using 18mm plywood. I'm transfering the right size onto the plywood and than I'll cut it out on the bandsaw.

Picture #2: I'm using screws to attach the seat to the cross supports. So I can remove it later on when I want to change the top or the legs.

Step 4: Now the Cool Part: Skateboard Recycling!

To start recycling the skateboards, you'll first need to peel off the griptape.

Picture #1: It's time to cover up the seat with some beautiful colors of old broken skateboards. Cut 4mm thick strips out of different skateboards. Sand off the graphics and varnish of the skateboards.

Picture #2: Draw a reference line to start your glue up.Glue on all the skateboardstrips with wood glue and superglue.

Picture #3: Remove the seat by removing the screws.

Picture #4: Cut as close to the line as possible without touching it.

Picture #5: Attach it back to the legs and sand the top flush with the legs.

Step 5: Shaping the Legs

Picture #1: Let's give the legs some shape! I used the Graff Speedcutter on my angle grinder to test it out. It works great. But like you see on the picture, you can also do it with a rasp. After rasping or grinding, sand it smooth by hand!

Put some varnish on it and your wooden stool with a recycled skateboard top is ready!

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