Introduction: Coloured Fire

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Here I will show you how to make coloured fire.

This is a science experiment that will show you what different chemicals do when they react with fire!

Step 1: Choose Your Ingredients

Choose the colour flame you want and find the ingredients. For this you will also need 5-10 small wax candles.

Step 2: Getting Prepared

I have chosen borax for this. First, find a plastic or paper cup (paper is better) and fill the cup with about 1 inch of your chosen chemical.

Step 3: Candles

Get a pot ready and put in 5-10 candles on low heat.

Step 4: All Melted

Melt the candles until it is all liquid and wait for it to cool down before anything else (not so cool that it hardens)

Step 5: Pour It!!!!

Pour in about half of the liquid and go to the next step.

Step 6: Mix It

mix the chemical and wax with a skewer until you can only see the colour of the wax. if half of the wax isn't enough than pour in some more. Now let it set properly and cut out of the cup when you want to use it.

Step 7: Fire Time

This bit might not be very good as i couldn't personally do it because my fire pit was flooded and it was raining for a whole week. 1. Build a fire

2. Once you get the fire going throw in the wax/chemical patty

3. this picture is what it should be like but i can't guarantee it

The chemicals should react making the fire change colour depending on what you put in it.

Sorry if this doesn't work. This picture is just for the chemicals that turn it green.

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