Introduction: Combustion Gun

  • Light weight,
  • Portable,
  • Cheap,
  • Reusable,
  • Easy to make,

World's first most light weight and transparent yet powerful gun !

Step 1: Things You'll Need :

All these things will be at your home, you will only have to find them.

  1. Lighter
  2. Small bottle
  3. Terminal box
  4. Injection
  5. Wood piece
  6. Copper wire
  7. Flammable spray

Step 2: Modifying the Lighter

*Please use any finished lighter!

  • Open up the lighter and tie a insulated wire around the metal cap of igniter.
  • Assemble the lighter (if you wish you can remove the valve for your easy).
  • Place both the wires out of lighter

Step 3: Modifying the Bottle:

  • Make a big hole in bottle's bottom (hole should be that big that injection could tightly fit in to it)
  • Make two small holes in the bottle cap.(as shown in the picture)

Step 4: Making a Spark Plug:

  • Make two deep cut in the wooden piece, place copper wires in them and fill the cuts with depoxy or Epox. (See picture for help)
  • Place out the wires from the bottle cap and connect them with terminal box.(See picture for help)

Step 5: Connect the Lighter (wires) to the Terminal Box

(See picture for help)

Step 6: Just Connect the Injection in Bottle and You'r Done !

After connecting the injection:

  • Spray perfume (flammable material) in bottle (Now Your Gun Is Loaded)
  • Ignite the lighter and see what happens ! (please don't aim on fragile thing)

Don't spray too much flammable liquid !
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