Introduction: Heat Sink for Diodes

Where ever i want to reduce voltage i use rectifier diodes (1N4007), but the problems is that they get too much hot on passing too many ampere through them which may damage them. The only solution i found was to create heat sink to keep them cool.

I used 2 series pair of 2 diodes, connected parallel and attached my heat sink on them. Believe me or not my diodes worked fine even on passing 12 volts and 15 amperes through them.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. thick Aluminum foil

2. diodes

3. toothpaste [conductor paste (if possible)]

4. stainless steel wire

5. pin

6. scissors/cutter

7. waterproof box

Step 2: Cut Out Long Stripes of Aluminum Foil

Step 3: Smother the Stripes by Rubbing Any Hard Thing on Them (e.g Blade)

Step 4: Wrap the Aluminum Stripes Around the Diode (as Shown in the Picture), But Then Pull Out or Unwrap the Foil in Such a Way That the Shape of the Diode Stays on Them

Step 5: Add Toothpaste or Conductor Paste(if Available) on the Aluminum Stripes and Then Place the Diode Back in the Aluminium Strip

Step 6: Make a Hole in the Aluminium Stripe From a Pin and Then Tightly Clamp the Stripe Around Diode From a Steel Wire.

Step 7: Congratulation ! You Have Made a Diode Heat Sink.

Now it depends upon you whether to dip the heat sink in water or you place it in a ventilated box.