Introduction: Compact CNC Router Dust Shoe [3D Printed]

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CNC routers are excellent tools, but you either have to deal with dust flying everywhere, or a dust shoe that takes up a lot of area and that can be difficult to adjust. This design clamps on with magnets and spring clamps, and can be removed and clocked left and right very easily. The compact design doesn't take up a lot of room on your table, and it does a very good job of debris collection.

Step 1: Components Needed and Print Files

For this build you'll need the following:

Depending on your router, you may have to modify things to fit properly. I had to recess a pair of bolts.

Step 2: Prep Parts

If you printed things in two pieces, you'll need to stick each together with epoxy. I used zip ties to hold the sides together while they dried. Slide magnets into each circular assembly with a uniform N-S orientation on both pieces. N-S directions should be such that the thinner parts of each magnet holder stick together.

Tap the magnet holder that attaches to the suction device for 10-24 screws and attach. Tap the piece that clamps onto the router for a 10-24 screw, and attach this to the router. You'll want to align this piece so that the suction assembly holds on with magnets and just barely touches the bottom of the router.

Step 3: Add Vacuum and Use

You'll need to support the assembly with a spring clamp when supporting a vacuum hose in action. The vacuum here is a Rigid "Shop Vac" from Home Depot, but there's also a design for a smaller style vacuum if that works better for your purposes. The router used here is a Dewalt DWP611 (Amazon) on a Romax WD-1 CNC assembly.

As seen in the video, it does a very good job of collecting dust. So much so that it's tough to even see it - all without any sort of skirt assembly!

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