Introduction: Compost Barrel, 3 Stage

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Last year i started a composting, you can see it on the left of the pic. it was not producing as well as i was hoping. so i did some research and found that many people are using a multi stage system. so i used an old plastic barrel that i had, and lumber that i had laying around.

Step 1: First Stage

You can see around the edge that i cut a 2x4 to the shape of the barrel and screwed them in from the outside. its hard to see but there is 1/2x1/2 screed across the top of the wood. the smaller blocks are screwed down through the screen into the 2x4.

Step 2: Stage 2

To access stage 2 i cut a door into the barrel approximately 6" high and 12" wide just below the 2x4's that are the bottom of stage 1. then i added a hinge and latch. i cut out the bottom of the barrel and covered it with 1/4x1/4 screen and screwed it down with blocks just like the first stage but the screws go from the bottom of the barrel threw the screen and into the blocks.

Step 3: Stage 3

The final stage is collecting in the bin under the barrel. this is the point that the compost should be ready to use.

the base is made from some 3x3 the i had laying around. i made the base just tall enough to get the collection bin in.

after moving everything into place i realized that i needed to add a block on each side on the frame to make the barrel more stable.

the lid is an old trash can lid. to keep it in place i added a hinge and a latch so the wind does not blow it off.

now i need to transfer the compost pile i have into the barrel. before i do this i need to cut or grind up the stuff in the pile because the smaller the pieces are going into the pile the better it will break down. the last thing i need to do is get compost worms and let the composting begin.