Sugru - Compound Bow Comfort Grip

Introduction: Sugru - Compound Bow Comfort Grip

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My PSE Evo was a bit to uncomfortable resting on top of my hand so I decided to break out the Sugru!
I used some red Sugru as it matched the red on my color scheme perfectly.

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Step 1: Getting Started

Open up your Sugru and pull off a small piece, a bit shorter than you would think you need because you are going press it down and it will expand. (My camera makes the Sugru look a bit orange but is a perfect match)

Step 2: Forming the Sugru

Form the Sugru roughly into the shape that you want, and stick it in place then mold it a bit so it is the shape you want it and in the right position tapering it down if it is your preference.

Step 3: Contour to Your Hand

Pick the bow up, put the wrist strap on, clip the release on, and pull the string back with your hand in the normal position allowing the Sugru to press itself into your hand forming a perfect contour around your hand. (Please remember not to let the string go and dry fire the bow, you can seriously hurt yourself and destroy your bow!)

Step 4: Cleanup

I used this nice little tool that came with the Ditto+ 3D printer to clean up and flatten the edges. Looks and feels great!! No more sore knuckles after hours of shooting!

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