Introduction: Computer Case Shelf

In this instructable I'm going explain how create handy shelf from a dead computer tower.

Step 1: Materials

2     wall plugs
2     1 inch Phillips screws

Phillips screwdriver
Power drill
1/4 Masonry drill bit (cuts through metal)

Computer case

Step 2: Gut the Computer

Just because the computer is dead does mean all the parts are.

Remove Drives, Motherboard, Fans, Switches, LEDS or any other Addons.

Save components that can be used again for another computer or a micro-controller project.

Step 3: Make the Holes, Plug and Mount

Drill the holes on the computer case. Make an 8 inch gap between the two holes.

Poke the holes on the area of wall where you want to mount the Shelf.

Use the wall-plugs, then Screw.

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