Introduction: Tool Belt From Gatorade Plastic Bottles.

In this Instructable i will show you how to make a simple tool belt made from Gatorade plastic bottles.

Step 1: Get the Materials!!

Gatorade Bottles
X-acto Knife

You need to find the right type of plastic bottle.
I used a gatorade bottle because I believe it's more heavy duty than any other plastic bottles that I've collected.

Step 2: Get to Cutting

You need to use the x-acto to cut off the mouth from the gatorade bottle.

Step 3: Get to Cutting Part 2

Use the x-acto again to cut two rectangles off the center of the bottle. They have to be around the size of the belt and be at lease half an inch away from each other.

I did this for to two gatorade bottles.

Step 4: Put It Together and Wear It!

Slip the belt into them. After that you could now put your tools in them.

Now you could wear it.
Have fun and be careful when using the X-acto knife.
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