Introduction: Computer Fan Stirrer Plate

Save up $500 by making this simple stirrer plate using a computer fan! Mine works great for stirring chemicals and dissolving things.

Step 1: Parts

Gather a computer fan, roughly 6 or 7" by 6 or 7". One bin, about 15" by 10". One switch (any will work, and one 12 at least 1 amp power supply, I'm using an old 12v 1.2a DC transformer. Oh and don't forget four 2" long screws. Oh and also get a neodymium magnet or two, these can be found in most if not all HDDs and can be bought online.

Step 2: Start Assembly

Get your computer fan and neodymium magnet and place the neodymium magnet on the motor part of the fan, not the fins, it should stick by itself but if you want you can fasten it with tape or glue.

Step 3: Wiring

Find the positive and negative leads on your power supply or transformer, connect the positive lead to the positive wire on your fan. Attach the negative lead of your fan to a wire or post on your switch. Then attach the negative lead of your power supply to the available wire on the switch.

Step 4: Installation

Take one of your four screws and make a hole in the side of the bin, then insert the switch of your choice. Then place the fan in the center if the bin and screw in the screws with some space between the fan and then end of the screw. Plug in the stirrer plate and test it out!