Introduction: Computer Keyboard Desk Decor

I love projects that can reuse and recycle existing materials and turn them from trash to treasure. Broken computer keyboards can be used in a variety of ways and when it comes to crafts, the keys are incredibly versatile. I've already posted an instructable showing you how to create jewelry out of these keys. Here are two more creative ideas you can use to brighten up your workspace.


  • Small Box/Container
  • Computer Keys
  • Paint/Spray Paint
  • Scrabble Piece Holder
  • Optional: Soil, Plant, & Drill


  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Prepare the Box

Paint the box or container to a shade of your preference. I chose black so it would blend in with the keys.

Step 2: Decorate the Box

Use hot glue to attach the keys to the box in any order or pattern. You can have it spell out something or make it random.

Step 3: Planting!

To turn this into a planter, then drill small holes into the bottom and add soil to the container. Plant any kind of plant you’d like. I chose to plant a Jade Plant in mine. Another cool idea would be to use this as a pencil holder instead of a planter.

Step 4: Name Plate

Making the name plate is pretty simple Use the hot glue to glue computer keys spelling out your name onto the scrabble game piece holder. You can choose to personalize it even more with glitter, paint, etc.

Step 5: Complete!

Enjoy your two pieces of decor! Hopefully, they add a little something to your workspace :)

These DIY's are also part of the Stematix Magazine's DIY Issue 8. Stematix is a 100% Student-Run Magazine in the Bay Area, California. Check us out at!