Introduction: Conchiglioni With Herbs

Here it is my first instructable :) Please don't be to strict with me as English isn't my first language :)

So, here we go.
This are the ingredients to make this dish for 3 persons:
-24 conchiglioni pasta
- 1,1 lb ricotta cheese
- some grated cheese like Parmigiano
- butter
- oil
- salt and pepper
- sage
- rosemary
- some herbs, I used basil and chives

Step 1: Put Some Water

Put some water in a capacious pot and turn on the fire. DON'T ADD salt now..

Step 2: Preparation of the Stuffing

ok, now take a large bowl and put the ricotta cheese inside of it.
Add some oil, the herbs, salt and pepper. If you want, you can dilute it with some cream.

Step 3: Butta La Pasta!

When the water is boiling, add one or two fistfuls of cooking salt.
Then you can put the conchiglioni pasta into the water.
Remember to mix it some times with a wood spoon. Remember, if you use a iron or steel spoon, the water will chill and that's no good :)

Step 4: In the Meanwhile..

Prepare a baking tin large enough to hold the conchiglioni pasta.
Put some butter in it.
Turn on the oven on 428�F

Step 5: Strain the Pasta!

Strain the pasta after 10 minutes and let the conchiglioni chill on a white duster. Separate each piece of pasta or you won't be able to put the stuffing inside.

Step 6: Cut, Cut, Cut!

While the pasta is chilling, cut the sage and the rosmary really thin

Step 7: Filling!

Fill each piece of pasta with the help of a tea spoon with the ricotta cheese prepareted before

Step 8: Almost Finished..!

Well, now put the conchiglioni pasta in the baking tin.
Put the cream with sage and rosmary and the grated cheese over the pasta.

Step 9: In the Oven!

Put what you've done in the oven and let it cook for 10-15 min..

Step 10: Ta Daaaan!

Here's the result!! :)
Enjoy it and BUON APPETITO! :)