Introduction: Concrete Mow Strip (Curb or Edging)

Needed a border between garden space and walkway. Casted a concrete edge using a modified rain gutter as a form.  Steps will include equipment used, materials, modifying rain gutter, preparing for pour, preparing site and installation, and some trial and errors.

Step 1: Equipment Used

Standard concrete mixing tools were used to mix concrete:
Hoe (to mix the concrete),
Flat shovel (to place concrete into form),
Wheelbarrow (to mix the concrete in, I have seen cheap kiddy pools used also),
Block Trowel (used only to cut into concrete bag) and
Water source.
Safety Equipment (Dust mask, safety goggles, gloves)

For modifying Rain Gutter:
Rotary tool (Not pictured here)
Safety equipment (Safety Glasses)

For preparing the work site:
Tamper (not pictured).

Step 2: Materials Used

Step 3: Modifying the Rain Gutter

Step 4: Prepare Form Site

Step 5: Mixing and Pouring

Step 6: Prepare Site of Placement

Step 7: Placing Curb

Step 8: Trial and Errors

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