Introduction: Concrete Tree Planter

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Hello Friends, as you all know our environment is getting polluted as day goes on. So planting Tree should be a responsibility to every citizen as what i think, because atleast we could save our own locality and its not a costly thing to do nor a very hard work, its just your attention.

As there are many ways to plant such as green room planting, tube plantation, vertical firming and so on. So, today i bring you a simple way to plant and grow little plants or flower plants in your room, in your workplace or anywhere. Also its a very cool way of planting. As its a Concrete tree planter, so its a good way of storing your water and soil moisture inside the chamber pretty effectively.

Step 1: Gather Everything You'll Need

As my project is not a lengthy one, so you'll just need few simple things which everybody can effort and find everywhere. Now collect all the following things you gonna need for this work and start today.

We'll make the Mould on the first step :

  • 2 plastic cylindrical bottles ( one 3 inch, one 5 inch of diameter )
  • one small foam piece
  • concrete paste ( cement + sand + water )
  • a mason

On the next part we'll place the soil :

  • soil ( dry & wet )
  • cow dung
  • small stones
  • sand

Other materials :

  • sand paper
  • ac board
  • 4 screws

And lastly :

  • a small plant
  • or you may use seeds instead.

Step 2: Moulding

This step is a Moulding process, here we will make our plant vase using concrete paste, so firstly make the mould. We'll use two plastic bottles (tube shape) of 3 inch diameter and 5 inch diameter which we have kept cut previously or you can use any cylindrical tube shape for the same, but its cheaper.

Now place the tubes on the foam piece and align in the center. After, make the concrete paste. Take some sand, some cement and little water and make a paste ( don't make it too loose ). Then pour the paste into the mould and slowly vibrate with a stick so that the paste get evenly distributed and no air gap remains.

When its partially dried make 4 small holes on four sides for fitting screws later on and keep it to dry for at least 2 days for better strength.

Step 3: Prepare the Vase

After 2 days take the mould and cut the plastic tubes carefully and take out the vase. Now let the vase dry and keep watering time to time for a day. When its dried sand the mould vase using smooth grained sand paper.

Now make the bottom cover plate. For this I have used a small piece of ac board. Mark and cut the circle piece carefully as its little brittle. Sand the base plate and mark 4 holes according to the places on the concrete vase. Take 4 screws, insert and tighten it with the cylinder vase.

Step 4: Prepare the Soil

Now its time to collect the soil part. Its the main and tricky part. There are many ways to get a better plantation soil according to your place and availability. I recommend you to google it if you are first time in it. So a quick and easy way to make is, take some dry soil, some wet soil, some sand, few aggregates and most importantly some cow dung ( sorry I have not the pictures taken of cow dung mixture but its in there ) .

Make the cow dung dry and then mix it with your soil, this gonna give your soil more nutrition for planting.

Now give a wet soil layer at the bottom of your vase, after that make a mixture of wet soil, dry soil, few aggregates & cow dung and place them as the middle layer in the vase. At last put some (dry+wet) soil mixture at the top layer.

Step 5: Planting & Furnishing

So now its time for planting the Tree. As our vase and soil everything is ready, all we have to do is plant the tree. So either you bought a ready made plant or you can plant seeds of your choice. But planting seeds gonna take some time to grow up, so if you are in hurry then you can buy any small plant from your local nursery and directly plant it.

Now place some small stones and pour some sand in the gaps as the final layer, and so its done. And lastly, for fabricating purpose I colored the vase using some Blue and Yellow color.

So, that's all for today, thank you guys.

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